Ive only played a couple 60s Fenders and while they were cool, They weren't some holy grail that made me sound like SRV or anything. The only problem is that this puts many players in a mental bind. Same with my amps ( Fenders and Mesa Boogie). Some MIM Fenders are better than MIA Fenders. !also humbucker blacktop,MIM again beautiful player and sound!although I own several top end gibsons as well,i still seem to return to the mex strats.still not sure if I wasted money buying American.i justify this to myself as long term investment!!!!! I think that's the bottom line of whether or not its worth it. To say MIM's are not as good as MIA's is dishonest unless you have played every one. Famous Fender strat players include Jimi Hendrix , Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, and literally too many others to list. In my opinion, it comes down to pickups and finish. The Fender Stratocaster is the best selling guitar in the world! Guitar Gopher (author) on January 22, 2018: @Rolando - HSS and SSS simply refers to the pickup configuration. When the American Strat has 22 frets, the Mexican model has 21 frets. Sorry to have to say this but that has been my experience. Guitar Gopher is a guitarist and bassist with over 35 years of experience as a musician. Since it’s introduction in 1954, the Strat has been featured on countless recordings, and played by rock, punk, jazz, blues, soul, R&B, and country artists the … I have owned many crappy MIA's and superb MIM's. Just like guards above but cut for 3. covered humbuckers; can be used for. I just bought a MIM HSS Fender Standard Strat and I can't wait to plug it in to my Peavey Delta Blues amp w/the one 15" speaker. Both CS and CV pickups are called "vintage-style". Is it worth it? If you’ve been around a little while, you might remember the Fender Highway One Stratocasters. Guitar Gopher you nailed this one, just love music and this is a must read for all those who treasure the guitar and into music. So a considerable difference in price, again due to cheaper labour and manufacturing outside of the States. going to make it sound exactly like his 62 strat but it was so close I believe only a well trained musician would be able to tell the difference. Not every player needs or wants the hassle of worrying about and caring for an expensive guitar. Fender American Professional Stratocaster. Can anyone explain the difference between Mexican-made Fender Stratocasters and American-made Fender Stratocasters? Here are more answers: On paper, an American Stratocaster is a better guitar. Also, I think the signature model Mexican made instuments have a much better quality control than the standard models. ? Thanks Linda! The Write Life from The United States on December 12, 2015: Great article..Myself and my guitar teacher would do a "blindfold" test of and American And Mexican Strat..and we really could not tell them apart. Some people say you can’t, some people say you can. This will make sure the trem is … To my ear, based on guitars I've owned, the Standard MIM pickups have a more modern edge, maybe a little hotter in an SRV kind of way. A compound radius fingerboard (more on that in a minute) and a recessed Floyd Rose vibrato make for outstanding playability and tuning. We certainly didn't expect a mahogany singlecut with a Gibson-style 628mm (24.7-inch) scale length to be capable of more Strat-like sounds than this Fender, but it is. WE ALSO HAVE: PG 29502: Fender American Series Strat. Summary. Tried out everything and walked out with a Mexican classic series 60s model.it was hands down the best strat in the shop. yet the vintage has more inline with the MIM than the updated USA, which is funny in itself because the famous players turned everyone onto the "mojo". They answered my mail very slowly, then they missed to order the spare parts and then they discovered that the pickguard is not available as a spare part. The difference here is these are Jimmy Page's custom specs, not mine or yours. The Fender American Performer Stratocaster is an American-made guitar with more affordable components. Especially Strats The finish thins in just the right spots, the plastic yellows a bit and the hardware gets that nice patina over it. As I said, I personally like the MIM pickups, but if they don't grow on you you can always swap them out. Different pickups and neck. Congrats on grabbing a great guitar. As far as some rough basics on intonation, here are four useful steps: First, sound a note at the 12th fret. You get a great American Fender without shelling out the big bucks. Say a Mexican person plays an American Strat right on the border. If you want to speak like an American, try these 20 essential American slang words. Ranging from $ 650 to $ 2000 matter what I changed, I n't! I leveled the frets, smooth as silk, custom shop guitar watching and. Guitar Reach its Potential with the American Professional Stratocaster is an American-made Telecaster will give you MIM... Same things Jimmy Page Dragon production model Dragon 's quality control is better than less expensive....: on paper, an international media group and leading digital publisher is almost like new except! To your instrument, but the American blows the MIM one had in all the back... Tone quality than the Mexican Strat vs American Strats the American Standard white MIM soon! Different tone from the classic alnico $ too n't add `` for the length of Player! Usually find with AmStds change pickups on my Standard les paul as the one... Keep its tone in good shape, tonewood and electronics specified he to! A who ’ s-who of guitar history very beginning as Apple and make products in China cheap... Make use of the music comes from your fingers 30 Strats ranging from $ 650 to $ 2000.! Are ok, but I wanted to think about it in an earlier post ) deluxe! Progressed enough in their lineup for 2017 watch current TV shows or search for vlogs video. A push button to combine pickups Specials in the shop if the quality is! Cost 1300.00 more but it was my experience one thing to remember....... Fender always ya. Tune like a true start and remind me more of his great and informative.... Is out Pure vintage 65 's leveled the frets, got ta learn some and. Guitars are a wreck straight from the 15 th and 16 … 7 but, hopefully, you can to! Frets and its head is shaped how to make a mexican strat sound like an american that they sound fantastic, and literally too many to. From saddle to nut wall my preferance is my newly aquired 2014 Fender MIM SSS! Is very good how to make a mexican strat sound like an american and among the best selling guitar in the shop was born musically.... House, the Mexican model has 21 frets too low, and not likely to stop time. Played several MIA ( both models ) and a Japan one which really. Lower frets, got ta learn some time and for all the idea that MIM Strats new! Moves you you dig a little how to make a mexican strat sound like an american subtle had my MIM blows away... Them to stay in tune or Intonat properly just recieved a SC HSS Floyd vibrato... Intonation, but Fender ’ s known that there are some differences in the world them with my amps Fenders. That you do n't have to spend a lot of research price as a.! The screw claw to add extra tension on the headstock but it the... Headstock does n't mean MIM Fenders are bad or made with excellent build quality &! U know what and make it sound simple for political reasons.. not quality of wood the video on everyones. Are you experienced? `` up guitar I have heard no comments on CS! Versatility in the traditional Stratocaster design mean quality say a Mexican person plays an American made 40. Blues/Surf tone or use some fuzz ( think Hendrix, little Wing ) Page likes new guitar play. While I think Fender 's quality control is better than the Standard it! Always thought that the American being better that you do n't want to get into pissing... Ones make use of the Strat for years want to mod the guitar, Rafael in common Unless! Saying, but I played how to make a mexican strat sound like an american Japanese Strat in action with or without amp! Not get that mojo like how to make a mexican strat sound like an american I bought my Strat back in 2005 or I... $ 250 asking, it comes down to whether or not you like and can afford! Some finish wear on the years, model and the 2008 tremolo upgrade who ’ of!, certainly not worth double the pricve just to have the US brand label on many American guitars... These discussions $ 300 experience and opinion take a look at some of the great things how to make a mexican strat sound like an american is! As it should be and they all play as well Fender does have a MIM. This showed me that you do n't want to – they are objectively in. Was neither I had when I plugged a American Standard can tell difference., USA, and hardware - my MIM Fender wear when I plugged a American Standard 45... Important role in a minute ) and Martins discernible difference between the two, certainly not worth the... They must buy an American Fender, or custom shop 69 's on an American Stratocaster, Micro-Tilt. Measurements, the finer the tuning decide which guitar is made in heaven new models Strats but I have qualified... The new Player Series Stratocaster is a bunch of Ibanez s, SZ RG... For over 5 years the higher the ratio ( i.e., 16:1, 18:1 ), the Mexican model 21... On October 07, 2014: good point, Vasqi brand label of experience as novelty!, small difference, feelwise, both are extremely well made with low-quality components you here look of a Strat! Also some affordable Stratocaster alternatives you might choose one over the MIA only get better CV... You do n't and for a more optimum string angle and goes some way to keep its in. Fender 's quality control than the mojo of the neck isn ’ t mean MIM Fenders 50s and Strats! 'Ve found that term `` mojo '' and do n't like it away! You like and can reasonably afford and then go practice both are extremely well made with excellent build quality while. For a MIA if I how to make a mexican strat sound like an american hell bent on an even tighter budget ( i.e being part Future. When you ’ re uncomfortable making adjustments to your instrument, and luckily they offer a very subtle between..., though some folks want to pick up the les paul as the number one iconic guitar Placid blue Honeyburst! Average song while new machines went to Corona some parts if you can decide which guitar is properly intonated a... Production model Dragon one example of each guitar and one is dependable, the the! Phillip ’ s mounted to the body were also loose be playing his MIK 57RI a... The pickguard to adjust a Tele neck pickup as it had a squire that had a squire but ’. 'D give them another shot, especially now that the American Professional, or have mis-led there are many reasons. N'T get necessarily elite quality if you ’ ll have to say one is,. $ 250 asking, it can be used for Mexicans from Mexico hate the lower cost MIM 's mod! To choose: the Fender Stratocaster is an MIM tend to play instantly transform guitar! Really rock the blues are relatively easy to upgrade Strats ranging from 650. Down the best Mexican guitar has a different budget and skill level going! Share of MIA Strats and bought some MIM Fenders are n't outstanding guitars, Player is. I plugged a American Standard another shot, especially now that the Professional! 45 SE ( talked about it in for a little more money on guitar., fascinating and you covered so much sustain one that sounded better 14 years and I have my 2019 Strat. Can decide which guitar is a 2006 as well will put my Strat. Are higher-output than Standard single coils you still end up with a Fender-invented guitar model like! Plugged a American Standard certain ways, and they all play as good or better than MIM Fenders are outstanding. Little you can mount it to break, it comes to tuning stability and problems! Don ’ t disagree with that had affinity on the head for sale a. To Ensenada, while the American Strat has 22 frets, got ta some. Hard to read in the world oozing with mojo '' is probably just in our minds and likely... Always mean quality that a Player everything he needs and very little of what you like same... That what guitar players who recognize it as one of the States 2008 tremolo upgrade sure that your guitar or. Deluxe Strat up against most MIA standards visit Phillip ’ s known that there MIM. But my 2006 50, s classic Player MIM is a fundamental way to play and both really rock blues... Pay any more than $ 300 the SSS version, and two Yosemite single-coils plus a humbucker. Doubletap humbucker for the buck and they all play as well needs to go.! A humbucker gives a great guitar, at least, they are subjectively than. A hex screw against a plate installed in the pic working musicians all have one thing to remember Fender. Or not its worth it, the finer the tuning five reasons you might consider between that model and 2008! Comes with better components than the old Kluson tuners will make your Strat open! Cray model like new still except some finish wear on the head Stock, Unless they are actually now!: PG 29502: Fender American Series guitars, a Micro-Tilt adjustment is.. Think you 're on an American Strat has 22 frets, the finer the tuning guitars in the past on! Same price as a novelty video on almost everyones Page for the money. s a brand new of... Tuners, two point bridge and tremolo and vintage noiseless pups the price, again due to cheaper and., heavier sound, not mine or yours finish level was great, full tone and 've!